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5ive Star Gear Cat Eyes Helmet Band

The 5ive Star Gear Cat Eyes Helmet Bands are made to mil-spec MIL-B-1851F of a thick and strong elastic spun webbing band. The camo band helps secure branches/foliage for camouflage and can also be used to keep ACH/MICH helmet cover in place on all Advanced and PASGT Combat Helmets.

Bands feature twin glo-vinyl luminous strips (cat eye’s) that reflect and glow at night for friendly identification and safe patrolling without the use of night vision. When not needed, simply reverse the elastic band. Can be custom embroidered with your name, blood type, roster # or other information.

5ive Star Gear Cat Eyes Helmet Band Features:

  • Constructed to military specs in elastic spun nylon
  • Luminous tabs for IFF identification
  • Fits all current issue helmets
  • Great for holding branches/foliage for camouflage

Made in USA

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