BLACKHAWK Foundation Chest Rig


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Mission dictates tactics, tactics dictate gear. Blackhawk has taken this basic fighting principal to heart when developing the BLACKHAWK Foundation Chest Rig. Not every mission requires armor, but there are other mission critical items you will need at the ready. This is where the Foundation Chest Rig shines. The same placard mounting interface found on the Foundation Plate Carrier mirrors that on the Foundation Chest Rig, allowing you to rapidly move your preferred mission essentials between the two quickly and efficiently. Each Foundation Placard has side loops for rapidly attaching split-bar buckles for when in Chest Rig use. This helps pull the load of the Foundation Chest Rig to the body and keep it secure during dynamic movement. By utilizing the same 1000D/500D laser cut, laminate nylon technology, Blackhawk is able to achieve an incredibly light weight and low-profile chest rig that rides comfortably, even under a pack.


BLACKHAWK Foundation Chest Rig Features :

  • Durable, yet flexible 1000D to 500D laminate material
  • Easily change placards with side release buckles and hook & Loop
  • Slim tuck straps, adjustable for wide array of body types
  • Lightweight and low-profile laser cut design
  • Chest Rig does not include a placard

Additional information

Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 13.00 × 10.00 × 0.50 in







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