What Holosun Products Downrange Outfitter Carries

Holosun is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and durable tactical gear and accessories for both shooting and hunting needs. Their products are designed for military, law enforcement, and civilian use, and are known for their exceptional performance and reliability. To provide our clients with the best possible tactical gear and protective gear, DownRange Outfitter has partnered with Holosun to offer their products through our online store.

Discover just a few of the types of Holosun-brand products available through our store and shop all of them for yourself now!

Reptilia 1.93″ Mount Holosun 509T

When it comes to different types of optic mounts, the Reptilia 1.93 Mount from Holosun is available from DownRange Outfitter. This lightweight, slim-line mounting solution features a spring-loaded nitrided steel clamp and a mounting bolt to simplify the installation process. Made in the U.S., this mount is available in two styles: Black and Flat Dark Earth. Shop more optic mounts now!


Holosun Rail Mounted Laser

For clients looking for a different type of tactical gear, the Holosun Rail Mounted Laser is available online as well. From our DownRange Outfitter collection of lasers and flashlights, this piece fits a 1913 Picatinny Rail and chrome in a few different colors. View it for yourself now!

Holosun HS510C & HM3X Magnifier Combo

The Holosun HS510C & HM3X Magnifier Combo from our online catalog of hunting tactical gear is designed for both rifle and carbine applications. Fetsureing multilayer coatings, a Picatinny mount, and up to 50k hours of battery life, this combination is perfect for clients looking for both magnifiers and optics.


Holosun 512T Rifle Red Dot

Holosun Technologies also brings shoppers rifle red dot gear, including the Holosun 512T from DownRange Outfitter. Purchase this one for yourself and receive a lovely black matte finish, a 2moa dot with a 65moa circle, and titanium housing.

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No matter what you’re looking for in terms of hunting or shooting equipment, DownRange Outfitter carries a variety of Holosun-brand products. Shop an entire section of our store dedicated to housing equipment from this tactical gear brand and let us know if you have questions!