What is the Difference Between Concealable and Overt Body Armor?

There are some important differences between concealable and overt body armor. Choosing the right protective gear is essential and different tactical gear has different benefits. In today’s post, DownRange Outfitter will discuss some of the differences between concealable and overt body armor. Read on to learn more and shop our collection today. 


You will be perceived differently if you are wearing concealable body armor vs. overt body armor. If your tactical gear is concealed, your defenses may come with an advantage. Many people view overt body armor as inherently more threatening. 


It goes without saying that different protective gear are designed differently, and the type you should choose depends on your needs. Concealed vests tend to be designed to protect against less intensive gunfire than overt body armor. 


The level of protection offered by different types of tactical gear is another thing to consider.  A concealed vest, in general, offers less protection than overt body armor. That being said, overt body armor tends to be a lot heavier so if speed is a necessity, that is something to consider. 


While any type of tactical gear can be comfortable, overt body armor is heavier and not quite as cushy. As a result, overt body armor tends to restrict motion more than covert body armor. It is important to consider your mobility needs when choosing your protective gear. 

The type of tactical gear you need depends on a lot of factors. These are only a few of the things you should consider when deciding on which kind of practical gear you should use. If you are looking for protective gear, DownRange Outfitter offers quality tactical gear for any occasion. No matter what you need it for, you will find what you are looking for here. Shop our collection today.