Eotech Atpial-c Comm Low Power


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Eotech Atpial-c Comm Low Power

The ATPIAL-C is a MILSPEC laser system, taken off the same production line as its full power counterpart, the ATPIAL. The only difference is the ATPIAL-C is fitted with a Class1 infrared laser pointer diode and Class 3R infrared laser illuminator (fixed focus – non rotating and epoxied in place) diode, instead of the full power (restricted) Class IIIb diodes. All other parts, components, and accessories are exactly the same as the standard issue AN/PEQ-15.

The Red Visible and Infrared Laser Pointers are slaved so that zeroing one will zero the other in tandem. The Infrared Laser Illuminator is a true laser illuminator system, producing no bright downrange visible signature as seen in infrared LEDs. In order to stay within civilian legal guidelines, the Illuminator is lower power, able to reach 150 yards and is non-adjustable. This is perfect for short to medium range engagements. Like the full power ATPIAL, the Eotech ATPIAL-Cs Infrared Illuminator can be used to wash out the bloom of the Infrared Laser Pointer at engagement distances.


Eotech Atpial-c Comm Low Power Features :

  • Commercial version based on the AN/PEQ-15
  • Low profile laser system
  • Glass reinforced high strength polymer body housing
Product Details
L x W x H 4.6” x 2” x 1.6” (117mm x 71mm x 41 mm)
Weight 7.5 oz (with batteries)
Battery Power One CR123 battery
Visible Aim Laser (ATPIAL) Output: 4.0 mW (Class IIIa)

Beam Divergence: 0.5 mradWavelength: 605-665 nmRange: > 25 m

IR Aim Laser (ATPIAL) Output Power Low: 0.6 mW (Class I)Output Power High: 25 mW (Class IIIb)

Beam Divergence: 0.5 mrad

Wavelength: 820-850 nm

Range: > 600 m (Low), 2000 m (High)

IR Illuminator (ATPIAL) Output Power Low: 3.5 mW (Class IIIa)

Output Power High: 30 mW (Class IIIb)

Beam Divergence: 1-105 mrad (minimum)

Wavelength: 820-850 nm

Range: > 2,000 m

Danger Laser Radiation  Avoid direct eye exposure to beam
IR Laser Power 50 mW  Wavelength: 830 nm  Class IIIb
VIS Laser Power: < 5 mW  Wavelength: 650 nm  Class IIIa


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