Peltor ComTac V Electronic Earmuff


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  •  Helps Protect from Hazardous Steady-State and Impulse Noise
  •  Clear 2-Way Audio Comms – Radios & Intercoms
  •  Environmental Listening for Auditory S.A.
  •  Talk-Through for Face-to-Face Verbal Conversation
  •  Accessory Rail Connection (ARC) Option
  •  Engineered to Prevent Cross-talk with DUAL COMMs
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3m peltor logo

Peltor ComTac V Electronic Earmuff

Peltor ComTac V electronic hearing protection has a multi-directional microphones and highly accurate speakers. Which optimizes voice communication and can pick up sounds with great sensitivity. The Peltor ComTac V has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for clear and accurate sound replication. Resulting in a more natural sounding headset with unmatched sound clarity.

3M has replaced the leather headband, for a more modern rubberized band. Making it easy to remove if the user wants to convert to ARC adapters (or convert back to a headband). This headband has increased environmental resistance to heavy maritime environments.

3M’s  software update allows the users to easily access the audio customization features of the ComTac platform offers, such as:

Balance Mode – Adjusts the environmental listening function volume balance between the left and right speaker, giving the operator the ability to prioritize audio or adjust to their own personal preference

Release Time – The release time setting adjusts the time before the limiter opens after activation. The default setting is optimizes combat operations. The extended delays may be more suitable for in-door fire arms training.

Volume Boost – In applications where double hearing protection is a requirement, the volume boost function, (aka: ear-plug mode) increases the volumes of ambient sound and the external input by about 6dB. Use only in conjunction with a properly fitted ear-plug is used under the headset.

Equalizer Function – CT5’s™ equalizer function further adjusts the preset frequency setting,

In other types of operations, where steady-state may be present (i.e. ground vehicle and airborne platforms) this function helps improve the signal-to-noise ratio by reducing the low frequencies.

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