Pulsar Talion Xq38 Thermal 2.5-10x


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Pulsars Talion is powered with a Pulsar APS5 interchangeable, rechargeable battery. A single charge guarantees up to 9 hours of battery life, which covers the time of active use of the scope for a hunt. The battery cover design helps to accurately determine the correct position and makes it possible to quickly replace a flat battery with a new one in complete darkness by touch alone. The Talion includes a mounting prism with multiple screw points to ensure flexibility and convenience when installing a Talion riflescope on various types of rifles. During installation the user can shift the scope along the rifle to the most comfortable viewing position. All Talion riflescope controls are placed on the top panel of the eyepiece to simplify access and for the convenience of both right- and left-handed users. The precise focusing adjustment has an integrated fin lever that is set to match the protruding ridge on the housing of Talion riflescope when focusing reaches 70 m (76 yd) mark, the night-time shooting distance. This enables quick and correct focusing, even without looking at the riflescope.

Features :

  • 3 sensitivity amplification levels
  • Lightweight and rugged magnesium alloy housing
  • Photo and video recording
  • Waterproof IPX7 housing
  • High caliber recoil resistance: 12 gauge, 9.3×64, .375H&H
  • Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices. Stream Vision 2 application
  • 5 shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances
  • A selection of 10 reticle shapes in 9 color modes
  • ,Precision aiming in the ,Picture-in-picture, mode,

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